Our professional instructors provide concealed weapons permit training and personal safety class to individuals throughout Boise, Meridian & Nampa.

Boise's Concealed Weapons & Personal Safety Training Specialists

Weapons, Tactics, Security & Personal Safety Courses
Experts in the field of weapons and security, we provide professional course instruction for concealed weapons permits, threat assessment, tactics, security, and personal safety. Our classes are designed for both private individuals and those seeking to enter security and guard related professions.

Concealed Weapons, Defense, Threat & Tactics Training Courses

Professional instruction for those seeking to enter protection, guard, and security related fields, our courses include:

Concealed Weapons Permit Training
Threat Assessment & Prevention
Professional Weapons Tactics
Agent Safety Protocols
Guard Security Practices
Our security guard training courses offer professional weapons and tactics instruction to Idaho individuals entering the executive protection or security guard fields.

Personal Safety, Defense, & Threat Prevention Instruction

In today's world the need for personal preparedness is imperative. Our courses equip private individuals with:

Concealed Weapons Permit Training
Threat Recognition
Defense Tactics
Personal Safety Protocols
Our personal safety courses help private individuals with concealed weapons training, and defense and safety tactics.

Group & Private Weapons Course Instruction For Southern Idaho

Located in the Boise area, we provide concealed weapons and tactics course instruction both in small group settings and one-on-one private lessons. Our courses are delivered by our own field experts who actively work in the industry. Call for class schedules and book your spot today!
Our instructors are Idaho professionals who work in the fields of executive protection and security.
Idaho Security Professionals is Boise's local executive protection and bodyguard agency.
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"Idaho's Trusted Executive Protection & Bodyguard Service"
We serve businesses, celebrities, and private clients with professional protection and bodyguard services throughout Idaho and around the globe.
Idaho Security Professionals is a member of the Private Investigators Association of Idaho.
Idaho Security Professionals
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Concealed Weapons & Personal Safety Training
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Idaho Security Professionals provides superior bodyguard and executive protection to CEO's, CFO's, VIP's, Celebrities and private individuals worldwide.
Idaho Security Professionals is a member of the Intellenet network of security professionals.
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